Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – That’s It…

Yes, that’s the topic for my new book.

I’ve had a couple of false starts since deciding to focus my creative energy in a new direction. But now I’m confident that I’m onto a winner.


Well, it’s something I’m confident writing about. I’ve got a lot of experience at all levels of affiliate marketing. I’ve successfully promoted (and continue to promote) many affiliate offers.

I’ve also set up affiliate programs for my own online courses and products.

Affiliate marketing works, it’s versatile and anyone can do it.

I love affiliate marketing. It’s something I enjoy. Unfortunately, having a passion about something doesn’t guarantee success. Even if it’s blatantly obvious that many people can benefit from your knowledge and expertise there is no guarantee that they will invest in themselves. This has been my experience in the past. And it can be very frustrating and soul destroying.

So what steps did I take to ensure my topic is something that people are going to be interested in? How will I know if it is something they are willing to invest in?

It all comes down to researching the market. Looking at what is there already. And more to the point, seeing what is selling.

Checking the viability of a product is a time-consuming process but a necessary one.

In his book Breaking Orbit, Jonathan Green provides some guidelines to finding a viable idea. Jonathan has the runs on the board. He’s a successful writer so his advice is well worth following.

Whenever I have an idea for a new book the first tool I go to is KDP Rocket.

(Yes, all the links in this post and on this page are affiliate links… duh! 😉 )

Sure, you can do this process manually, but why would you if you can get concise, accurate results at the click of a button?

KDP Rocket displays all the information you will need to decide whether your idea will fly or not.

A very valuable tool indeed.

KDP Rocket clearly displayed that my topic met Jonathan Green’s suggested requirements.

What Reader Reviews Can Tell You…

Next, it was on to scan all the reviews. I had to find out what the readers liked and didn’t like about the books competing for market share on my selected topic.

What became obvious is this. Although there are many of books on the topic, few of them deliver what the readers are looking for.

Reader feedback showed the books failed to provide specific steps to follow or the best strategies to employ.

In many cases, readers complained the books were poorly constructed, ghost-written works that provided no new insights.

So that’s where I am in the research phase of my new project. I believe I have the topic nailed down. I also know that, in catering to my readers, I have to provide valuable insights and actionable steps.

The next phase of my research is to find out what questions people have about affiliate marketing. What are their challenges? What do they need to know to see success?

So now I’m off to research forums and groups. To immerse myself in the discussions. To get a deep understanding of my prospective audience.

It’s an exciting time as I hone my skills as a writer.

Here’s Your Chance To Have An Impact On The Book

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