Who Is My Hero When It Comes To Growing A Business?

This really is a tough question. I’ve had and have, so many great mentors. I’ve invested a lot of money in programs by Eben Pagan. I’ve learnt copywriting and many other skills from Ray Edwards…

But I’d have to say the person who has single-handedly had the greatest impact on the way I approach building my business is… Russell Brunson.

Russell is very open about his trials and tribulations when it comes to marketing. While he now enjoys great success in internet marketing, his flagship web page design platform, ClickFunnels is fast becoming the ‘industry standard’, no doubt causing the executives of long established platforms cause for concern.

Most importantly, Russell walks his talk. He shares his successes and failures openly. Everything that Russell brings to the table has gone through a process of testing, fine tuning and optimisation to ensure that pages are converting at the highest rate possible. This is regardless of what your page is designed to do, collect email addresses, sell your products or prompt visitors to enter an application form for a high ticket item.

Recently I downloaded the first one hundred pages of his upcoming book – Expert Secrets, and it rekindled my imagination. While I initially intended to read the entire sample in one sitting, I found my mind being flooding with new ideas. Russell revealed concepts that were totally new to me, but most importantly, this wasn’t rocket science, all the information Russell shared can be implemented by anyone with a drive to succeed.

Expert Secrets is all about how to take your expertise, the knowledge and talents you already have, package it up as something new and exciting and put it in front of an audience who will recognise the value you are bringing.

It’s about identifying new markets, blue oceans, areas that aren’t saturated with similar options – red oceans.

When you find a blue ocean there is less competition. Unlike red oceans that are swarming with sharks, price wars and obscurity, blue oceans allow you to charge what you want for your product or service, you won’t be in the race to the bottom.

If you’re over the struggle of trying to be seen in a noisy marketplace, then Expert Secrets could very well be the book you’ve been waiting for.

To you can check it out and place your order here.

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