What To Do When You Pick The Wrong Market

If you’re reading this blog post or browsing through this site then there’s a good chance you’re just like me.

I’m guessing you’ve got a message inside you bursting to get out. But your enthusiasm to share is overshadowed with doubt. You may be wondering, “Is my target market ready for my message?” Or, more to the point, “Is my target market ready to invest in themselves?”

I’ve been creating online courses, podcasts, videos and other content for a while now. Unfortunately, while being a great learning experience, these activities hadn’t generated much income.

Recently my income has spiked. But that only came as a result of a lot of hard work and research as well as following some very solid advice.

The main problem was that all these courses I was creating were passion projects. I was creating material to help an industry that I love, that I have a connection to.

The only problem is, the business owners in the industry I targeted are broke. They don’t have a lot of money and they’re not keen to part with any of their spare cash.

They don’t see the value in investing in themselves to improve their marketing skills.

It’s not just my message that is failing to connect…

Over the last few months, I’ve spoken to many business coaches who have run into the same obstacles. It’s very frustrating to know you have the means to help someone but they’re not ready for your message.

Unfortunately, this issue is all too common…

So what do you do in this situation? Do you continue to stand on your soapbox and preach to deaf ears?

Well, that depends…

It depends on whether you’re in business for passion or for profit. Sometimes the two marry up beautifully and you can profit from your passion. Yet often times in business you have to accept that you hitched your wagon to the wrong horse.

Now, it’s time for me to reevaluate the horse and the wagon. The market and the message.

The market I chose to work with is somewhat unresponsive. Sure, they’ll sign up for a free giveaway, but only a small percentage of them will actually pay for any training.

I’m very passionate about helping people. That’s for sure. But I also have to live. The information I share is valuable and can be life changing. So I don’t believe it to be unreasonable to be fairly compensated for my knowledge and expertise.

What’s My Point?

I suppose the point I’m trying to make here, in a somewhat roundabout way is this…

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Over the last two years, I’ve created three marketing courses for massage therapists. Each course reflects the feedback from the students and improves on the last.

The most recent revision came about after reading Russell Brunson’s book, Expert Secrets.

Russell sets out a common sense, easy to follow and implement system for producing content people want.

Expert Secrets is my go to book for all things relating to course content and marketing. It will help you build an authority based platform.

It’s a process I’d highly recommend. The result was a well-targeted course that is currently selling quite well. It is generating a lot more income than any of my previous course offerings.

The problem is I’m limited in how much I can charge for the course. As I said, businesses in this market are broke. There is only so much these guys can afford.

If I packaged the same information for a different industry I could double or triple my asking price.

I had to accept that I was chasing a passion. I was spending too much time and energy serving a community who didn’t care about my message.

The ball was in my court. It was my call. Do I persevere out of passion or reposition myself for profit? We do, after all, go into business to make money… right?

Once I’m independently wealthy I’ll be more than happy to give back, pay it forward. But for now, it’s all about stabilizing my income.

It all comes down to price elasticity and my chosen market was well and truly placed at the lower limits. It was time to repackage my knowledge and expertise and present it to a hungry market.

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I found myself at a crossroads.

With my latest online training program completed and enjoying moderate sales what next? I have been wanting to get into writing for some time now. The idea of writing a book based on the course made sense to me. That is if I wanted to continue to pursue my passion projects…

Now I do intend to become a published author. But something had to change. It seemed pointless to continue creating high-quality content if it wasn’t going to be consumed.

I had to go back to basics. If I’m going to start writing books they’ve got to be on popular topics. They’ve got to sell. I want to see my books on the bestsellers lists. And the only way to achieve that is with a proven system.

I really should have known better. I know all about the steps to take to find a profitable niche. I’ve actually taught that stuff. But no, I fell into the passion trap.

The good news is I woke up to my mistake pretty early on (if you can call two years early). But at least it was only two years and not ten or twenty…

So, I’ve started researching some topics and content ideas for my upcoming series of books. I’m excited about becoming a professional writer, to be honest with you.

Having never completed a book in the past I needed to go looking for some direction. Luckily enough for me, I came across the works of Jonathan Green.

If you’re interested in becoming a writer then Jonathan’s books are a great place to start. I’ve included affiliate links to my favorites at the bottom of this post.

I’m now entering a new phase in my personal and business development and I invite you to join my journey.

I’ll be sharing every step of the way. I promise total transparency. No sugar coating. I will be stepping way outside my comfort zone, that’s where all the good stuff happens.

So stay tuned as I post about my new adventures.

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